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Freesat is a satellite TV service setup by the BBC and ITV to provide free digital TV anywhere in the UK. There is a one off cost for installation and a receiver, but, no further ongoing subscription. Freesat offers a choice of channels including the full BBC and ITV package together with channel 4 and channel 5. Further to Freeview it provides more film channels these include “True Movies” and “Movies for Men”. Freesat can be accesed using a “Mini Dish” which is the same size dish used for the reception of Sky TV.

Where it is difficult to install a dish due to obstacles blocking the signal, Apt Aerials may find a solution.

Due to restrictions under which Sky installers operate. they occasionally may not be able to install a Sky Satellite Dish. Under these circumstances Apt Aerials installs, if possible, a system that allows a customer to receive the Sky TV subscription service.
The picture above shows a satellite dish installed at the back of a garden. Trees were blocking the signal at all other possible locations for a dish to receive Sky TV.

There are vast numbers of channels available in many different languages and a lot are “Free to Air”, in other words subscription free. Apt Aerials can install single satellite systems dual satellite systems and multi satellite systems.

The photos show two different ways of receiving multiple satellites the first uses fixed LNB’s and the second is a motorised system, both of which were installed by Apt Aerials.

Satellite reception offers a vast choice of channels and in many different languages. The most common system  in the UK is “Sky” TV. But becoming increasingly popular is “Freesat”. Channels in many different languages can be received “Free to Air” and many more pay to view. For advice please contact us.

Satellite TV

Sky TV

Motorised-Multi Satellite systems

Also offered is Sky system fault finding, where for instance the tv picture is breaking up or there is no reception one some or all Sky channels. Call us and we will do our best to resolve the problem.

Apt Aerials provides supply installation services for multiple LNB and motorised satellite systems.


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