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Freeview is the name given to a group of television channels transmitted digitally from earth based transmitters in the UK. This service has replaced the analogue service previously in operation and offers a choice of more channels than the now redundant analogue service. The channels Freeview offer are generally free, however,some channels are  encrypted Practically all new TV’s sold in the UK have Freeview built in.

We install radio aerials for the reception of fm radio and DAB radio. FM radio is the established analogue radio system. FM radio will be phased out and replaced with DAB or Digital Audio Broadcasting, which is the name given to digital radio. You may need a radio aerial if you have an fm or dab tuner as part of a hifi system and find an indoor aerial is inadequate.

Digital Aerials



The Freeview channel package includes some “High Definition” (HD) channels, however, a new TV may not necessarily be able to decode HD channels. A TV labelled “HD Ready” means that external HD sources can be connected for instance a Blue Ray player, but not necessarily able to tune HD Freeview channels. A TV should normally be specified as “Freeview HD Built In”.

In order to receive “BT Vision” you must subscribe to the BT Vision package, and have a suitable UHF TV Terrestrial aerial, or “Freeview” aerial. If you have problems with the BT vision signal please call Apt Aerials for advice.

For more details on the BT Vision package please follow the link;

BT Vision

Freeview HD

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